How to start

Do you want to send your waste for recycling but don’t know how?

On this page you will find some tips on how to start sorting waste at home and how to make this process stress-free for you

“Step by step approach: like with any new habit we recommend to start small and move with your own speed”.

Tatiana Remneva
Tatiana Remneva
Co-founder of Parki ar minda

Step 1.

Learn about recycling possibilities around you. The best tool is our Recycling Map.

Step 2.

Create collection & sorting system that is convenient for YOU.

  1. 1. Evaluate available space in your apartment
  2. 2. Choose where to store your waste
  3. 3. If you live with others: agree on the sorting systemwith everyone to avoid mistakes and extra work

Step 3.

Start collecting just 1 type of waste. The easiest: Plastic (PET) bottles after drinks or glass bottles & jars.

Step 4.

Learn our sorting guidelines for other waste types. Gradually add more waste types.

Step 5.

Deliver your waste for recycling or order eco-taxi.

You are doing great! Thank you for taking care of your waste and our joint environment!

More tips to consider:

  • Remember: you don’t need single use plastic bags for this
  • Adjust the system if necessary. After few months you will better understand what works for you best
  • Don’t judge yourself for mistakes
  • Gradually add more waste types.
  • Important note: Do not throw in the trash bins batteries, LED light bulbs & any electronics!

Recycling your waste
is very important but even better is
to reduce its amount

Here are 5 tips how you can start doing it:

  • Refuse single-use. For example, choose reusable water bottle, cloth produce bags and shoppers instead of plastic bags, use your own coffee cup on-the-go, don’t take plastic straws
  • Use solid soap/shampoo instead of liquid ones packed in plastic
  • Don’t print documents while editing. Use your electronic device for notes instead of a notebook
  • Eat local food and buy only the amount you can eat. Learn how to store food properly
  • Before buying anything ask yourself questions: “Do I really need this? Will I use it many times?”
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