Our mission

To make recycling your waste easy for you

What do we do

Eco-Taxi Service

It is a service of pickup of recyclables at your home
or workplace. We offer a convenient way to send
your waste for recycling. We accept the widest range
of waste in Tbilisi.

Garage drop-off

You can also bring your waste to our Garages. It is free of charge.

There we accept the same list of waste types as by Eco-Taxi and sometimes some other special items (follow our news for updates).

Please visit the Garage page for more information and the schedule of Garages work.

The aim of our project is not only to send waste for recycling instead of a landfill but also to help you reduce its amount.

Education and Consulting
on waste management
and waste reduction practices

We have been sorting waste since 2020 and learned a lot about it. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge with the public and businesses.

We regularly hold sorting workshops and consult on how to create an efficient system of waste separation.

Our team

Tatiana Remneva
Tatiana Remneva
Partner, Co-founder of Parki ar minda, Communication specialist

We all need to be more responsible of the waste we create for healthier environment and people.

Victoria Filinova
Victoria Filinova
Project coordinator

I believe that we all need to take responsibility for our waste for our every choice. I want to see people to create less waste around.

Arkadiy Krakovskiy
Arkadiy Krakovskiy
Digital Strategy Partner CEO BuckitUp LTD

I believe that autonomous data management essentially raises ethics and responsibility for communities, along with their sustainability, solidarity and trust.

Become our volunteer

Eco-Taxi project is an initiative by Parki ar minda - an educational and consulting project that promotes more responsible attitudes towards waste.

Please join our volunteer community to help us spread the word and send more waste for recycling. Click the button below to learn more about the opportunities for volunteers.

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