Where it all goes

PET Bottles (1)

Other PET (1)

HDPE (2)

PP (5)

Polyvim LLC

Polyvim is a local recycling facility near Rustavi. They process plastic in flakes for further sale to plastic product manufacturers and synthetic fiber that can be used in the array of end products.




Tbilisi Paper Industry


Up to 70% of collected glass is sent for reuse in Georgian beverages factories.The rest 30% is send for local recycling


Aluminum is exported to Turkey for recycling


Clean World LLC

Clean World collects large quantities of waste and exports it o neighboring countries.

Batteries and e-waste

Wasteless Association

Wine corks

Wine Cork Recycling Project (Georgia)

Wine corks will be grinded and reshaped into new products


Pro Eco Pen
Pro Eco Pen is an experimental recycling facility in Russia working with difficult waste types.From old toothbrushes they produces new pens and notebooks

Plastic cards

Sobirator Moscow
From there they end up on the recycling facility in Saint-Petersburg 7other where they are grinded and sold for manufacturers of construction materials


Sobirator/Ecosborka (Moscow)
They deliver blisters for local recyclers

Bubble wrap

OTKHI Ceramic Factory

Sheets & towels

Dog & Cat Shalters in Tbilisi

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