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Make your business greener and more responsible with us

Success of the business is impossible without a responsible way of treating people and environment around. UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) help businesses grow with no harm to anything and anyone around.

We can help your business make progress in implementation of SDGs.

What can we offer?

1. Separate waste collection in your office

Introduction of a separate waste collection will:

Reduce corporate negative impact on the environment


Help develop more responsible attitudes of your personnel


Improve your reputation as an ecologically responsible business


Become and example to others and boost the development of the new positive practices in the country


Our Eco-taxi can pick up up to 15 waste types for recycling.

We offer not only pick-up services but also offer containers equipped with comprehensive stickers.

You can buy or rent these containers depending on your needs.

2. Ecological Education for your team

A successful and efficient separate waste collection is hardly possible without education of people who will use it.

We offer Sorting Workshops that will help your team to learn about different waste types, how to prepare them, where they are recycled and of course, why it is important to recycle and treat our waste in a responsible way.

In addition, we can offer lectures and workshops covering other ecological topics and topics related to waste reduction. Some of the possible topics are:

How to become a more conscious consumer

How to create less waste at home: in the kitchen, in the bathroom

How to create less waste on-the-go and during travels

How to create less food waste

All our talks are focused on Georgia and the solutions available here.

Reasons to Choose Our Service

We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier


We sort and collect waste since 2020. More than 20 000 people recycled waste with us in 2023. We work both with individuals and corporate clients. Our goal – not to collect all the waste but to create an efficient system and services that benefit the society and help reduce the negative impacts on the environment.


We know everything about waste in Georgia and the ways how to reduce its amount. We care a lot about these topics and know how to inspire others.


We understand all the problems you can encounter and have tips and solutions to overcome them in a most comfortable way. And our services are very reasonably priced.

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